March 2023

  • Dear Cindy, Thank you so much for providing the nail care clinic. It has been such a nice service for me since I am getting older and can no longer “reach” my nails because of vision problems and knee arthritis. Stephanie is a gem. She is so pleasant and competent that it is my pleasure to have my nails trimmed. Thanks again.

  • Thanks so much for the plant & angel pin. Also a big thank you to Paula and Cheryl for all the wonderful care given to our mother.

  • Dear Cindy and Staff, Congratulations to you on 50 years of service in the Home Health Care Field. Miners State Bank is pleased to have partnered with you and sends best wishes in 2023 as you celebrate this milestone and continue the important work in health care!

  • Thank you so very much for the kind words & beautiful plant sent for Mom’s services. Your thoughtfulness is greatly appreciated! Love & Blessings,

  • Thank you for all the help and kindness during this hard time.

  • Jennie and Team, We’re grateful for you and there’s no better day for us to tell you so. Happy Valentine’s Day! Lindsay and your friends at Brookridge.

  • To the entire staff at U.P. Home Health & Hospice, We would like to thank you for the beautiful card and the Peace Lily. It was greatly appreciated at this time.

  • Dear Home Health & Hospice Friends, You made our day. Thank you for our lovely bouquet. We so appreciate, also, your expertise, kindness & information.

February 2023

  • Thank you for all, all, of you did for me with my mom going home to heaven. All the encouragement, hugs, cards, generous gifts, kind words, picking up extra work, allowing me to be off so I could be with her and my family and the beautiful plant meant more to me than I can express. I praise God for you all! Each & every one of you is awesome.

  • Dear U.P. Home Health & Hospice, Thank you for the beautiful house plant & kind words. Also, a special thank you to nurse Janet. She always looked forward to your visits.

  • Dear U.P. Home Health & Hospice, Thank you for your generous support over the past year. It is because of donors like you we are able to assist in caring for our residents as they come to the end of their life. We look forward to your continued support in 2023 and sharing the organization’s success with you in the future. We are truly grateful for your support. Sincerely, Michael Grossman, MD, Board President, Trillium House & Michele Khouli.

  • Dear Cindy, As U.P. Home & Hospice celebrates 50 years, I just want to thank you for such a wonderful gift to our communities. I can’t begin to know the number of people whose lives were touched over the years. Blessings, Sister Marge.

  • To All Professional and Support Staff at UPHHH, You are remarkable! What you do is important and effective. Our family has been thankful for each of you in so many moments as you gave of your expertise, experience, and compassion. Thank you for helping my mother live well and die well. Please continue your important work.

  • Thank you for the beautiful plant!

  • The family acknowledges with grateful appreciation your kind expression of sympathy.

  • U.P. Home Health & Hospice, Sarah, Kelly, Elissa, Thank you so much for the beautiful Peace Lily Plant. We sincerely appreciate your kind expression of sympathy and support during this difficult time.

  • Due to your generous donation, Project Graduation is able to provide the MSHS Senior Class of 2023 with a fun and safe celebration honoring all of their hard work. Without your support, this event would not be possible. With Gratitude, The Project Graduation 2023 Committee.

  • A woman called and wanted to express how grateful she was of our services. She expressed how wonderful Janet was and loved the gift she received when discharged.

  • Hi all, Thank you all so-so much for taking such great care of my mom. You all go above and beyond the usual care one gets from the medical community. It was so helpful to me, I never could have done it by myself. And the personal touches with the plants, I just can’t say enough. You are all truly angels. Thank you for the card and the personal notes. It meant so much. God Bless you all.

  • Thank you for your service to the community and especially for those who are getting to the end of their lives, as well as their family who loves them.

  • The family would also like to express their appreciation for the support of UP Home Health and Hospice, for ensuring the comfort, care, safety, dignity and respect for him during his final weeks.

  • The family would like to thank the wonderful staff at U.P. Home Health & Hospice for all of their care of our beloved. We especially want to thank Nurse Sarah, Aide Alyssa, Diane, Marie, Amy and Pastor Steve. You made an incredibly difficult time much easier and beautiful. Thank you!

  • Thank you for remembering him. The flowers were beautiful. I have them in my house. God Bless.

  • Thank you for your donation of $100.00 to the West End Gearbusters Robotics Team! Your donation will help make it possible for our team to compete in two separate competitions in 2023. The FIRST Robotics competitions not only give the team members the opportunity to meet students from other schools, it helps to build their business, networking, and strategic thinking and team work skills. If you would like to learn more about FIRST Robotics visit Thanks for your Support – West End Gear Busters

January 2023

  • Just when friends are needed you find them always near; Just when shadows darken, Their comforting words you hear. Thank you.

  • Dear Cindy, Thank you for the nice Christmas card. And many thanks to your workers for helping me at Mill Creek Assisted Living. Janet, RN, Mike, Private Duty and your office staff plus Nichole. You all do a great job. It’s not easy with not enough people and watch out, more flu cases, cold, URI’s, and even COVID so God Bless and stay safe.

  • Elyssa, I think you nailed it when you described her in 3 words—tough, sweet, and funny. Appreciated seeing you last night and your support and kind words. As you noticed I get emotional about her, but I am not like that all the time. I am also including an “Author Unknown” message that must have come from one of the cards or possibly from Hospice. I thought it was a great and comforting message. Again, thank you so much for all that you and your Hospice colleagues did for her and our family.

  • May all the joy and wonder of this holiday season remain with you always! Negaunee Senior Center Staff.

  • Dear Friends at Hospice: It’s one thing to be prompt...yes, such as getting the daily chores done daily, pay the pesky bills before they’re due, call Aunt Polly, etc, etc! And, for goodness sake, write the long overdue thank-you note to the nice folks at Hospice who took such good care of you when you hit a bump in the road recently. Because of them you’re doing fine. The “kids” are taking very good care of me—I feel like royalty. I’m truly grateful to them and to the nurses as well as Dr.Grossman. We go back many years. Thanks again for everything, you all make it a pleasant memory.

  • I want to thank all of you at U.P. Home Health & Hospice for the wonderful care they gave my husband through his final days, especially Dorothy. I highly recommend your services to all who need you. And also Dr.  Metcalf.

  • Thank you so much for everything you all have done for our family. We are so grateful for your wonderful program. Also thank you for the beautiful plant.

  • Dear U.P. Home Health Angels, Your kindness, time and guidance with sincere compassion for Mom and each of US will be treasured forever! The beautiful Peace Lily is also especially appreciated!

  • Dear U.P. Home Health &  Hospice, thank you for supporting our Lakeview Class Garden.

December 2022

  • Thanks for the Peace Lily. It is beautiful. Again, thank you for all you did for my mother. God Bless.

  • Thank you for the plant in Roger’s memory. Thank you also, all the staff that had a hand in Roger’s care, especially Paula & Cheryl. You all made a difficult time much easier.

  • Thank you for the amazing donation to Smarty’s Friends Helping Friends Community Thanksgiving Dinner. It is greatly appreciated.

  • U.P. Home Health & Hospice—West Team, Thank you for the healing care you gave to all of the family and compassionate care you gave to our mom. We appreciate the personal card and notes and I am enjoying the Peace Plant. I will try to keep it alive.

  • Dear Leigh and Family, Thank you for the excellent care! I hope your Holidays are great!

  • U.P. Private Duty Services, We want to thank you and all the special people who stayed with Paul during his illness so that I could get out to shop or visit or go to lunch or dinner with friends & family. We both appreciated your visits. Thank you also for your sympathy when Paul did pass on. Happy Holidays!

  • Elizabeth, Courtney, Leon & U.P. Home Health & Hospice Staff, Thank you for the thoughtful card at Laura’s passing as well as the support letters over the last few months. Sorry I did not send this out sooner but I suppose I have much to work on and improve in this living alone experience, such as being more timely. Nevertheless, in spite of the lateness, that does not diminish my gratefulness for you assistance. It is greatly appreciated.

  • Hi! I was the lucky winner of the Angel Basket. I picked it up from 906 & Co. and was so surprised! I never win anything! Thank you for all the good work you do for our community. And thanks! Happy Holidays!

  • U.P. Home Health & Hospice, We appreciate your donation of the Spa Basket & Game Night Basket. Our attendees were very enthusiastic of your gift. With community support like yours, we hope to build our program as a fun ongoing event. Great Ishpeming-Negaunee Area Chamber of Commerce.

  • Thank you for your beautiful card and flowers, for being so good & kind & helpful. Cannot say enough of all of you & Trillium.

  • Thank you for the delicious apples! Jesse Bell, Bell Financial.

  • This note is to thank you for the beautiful basket filled with yummy goodies that I was lucky enough to win as one of the prizes from Ladies Night Out. Plus, there were other fun items included in the basket. It was very exciting to receive the phone call and even more exciting to see what “presents” were in the basket. Thank you for your generosity and kindness. My wish for all of you is to have a beautiful and blessed Christmas filled with the love of the new born Christ Child. May 2023 be a year of good health, much love, joy and peace. May God continue to watch over you as you lovingly and tenderly take care of the people and families in your Hospice Care. You are God’s angels on earth tending to the needs of His flock.

November 2022

  • Dear Kori & Team, Thank you all for your tremendous support of the Walk to End Alzheimer’s this year. You all made such a difference to so many people. I look forward to working with you again soon. Sincerely, Kim, Assistant Development Director. Alzheimer’s Association Michigan Chapter, Upper Peninsula.
  • To the Angels of the U.P. Home Health & Hospice, How do I find the words to say thank you for the great care you gave. I am a nurse and it was very difficult to deal with losing a patient. You people go there every day knowing you’re going to lose yours. God Bless each and every one of you. I can’t say enough. She told me on the phone how good you were to her. Also all of the letters I have received from Hospice has helped me. May these scarfs keep you warm.
  • U.P. Home Health & Hospice, You are the best, truly angels! You will never know how much you made his last months so much better. And, I can’t think of how we could have been without you all.
  • Dear Staff, I want to thank you for the beautiful plant, we had a gathering Saturday, hope she was looking down on us. She was with me for 17 months so it’s lonesome. Her sisters and brother were there day and night. God Bless.
  • Dear Staff of U.P. Home Health & Hospice, Thank you so much for the tender loving care you provided Mom. Special thanks to Sarah, RN, Marie, HCA, Elissa, SW. Your compassion and kindness is amazing. Mom received the best of care thanks to you! We are grateful to have had the care and support of U.P. Home Health & Hospice. Thank you for the beautiful plant.
  • Elyssa, Amelia, Janet, Marie, Elizabeth and anyone else who has helped my mom, my apologies if I don’t have names. I can’t thank you all enough for the beautiful plant you sent for the service. More importantly, the exceptional care that you have given both my mom and her husband during this past year. You have become friends to us all, along with all your help and easing so many worries. This is from the bottom of my heart and hope you all realize what a difference you have made in our lives.
  • Dear Elizabeth, Sarah, Elyssa & Kelly, The day you became involved with Mom’s care, her quality of life and our family’s changed so much for the better. I no longer felt I was her only advocate. Your team runs like a well-oiled machine from all the helpful equipment you provided quickly at Brookridge to initiating her move to Trillium was amazing. We’re forever grateful.
  • Thank you for the flowers and to everyone who helped him. Your kindness will always be remembered.
  • The entire staff at U.P. Home Health & Hospice—Elizabeth, Elyssa, East Clinical Team, Kelly, Janet and all who were so helpful. Thank you for remembering my Mom and me. The flowers in this photo were for Mom’s 90th birthday party. My dad has waited 19 years for my mom. Thank you for all you have done.
  • Dear Cindy, Thanks so much for the beautiful throw. I surely will use it because I set my thermostat at 60! - my effort to try to keep fuel costs down! It was nice to be recognized on chaplain day but totally unnecessary. I so enjoy being part of the team. Blessings on you and all those we minister to. Sister Margey.
  • During a time like this we realize how much our friends and relatives really mean to us. Your expression of sympathy will always be remembered.
  • Dear Staff, Sarah, Elyssa & Elizabeth, Your kind expression of sympathy and the excellent care and support ya’ll gave her will always remain in our memories.
  • Thank you for being there for him and myself. Everything just happened so rapidly. You helped in so many ways. You helped mom to comfort her & us. Her wish was to be at home when she passed. God Bless Elissa, Leigh, Kelly, Elizabeth, Laura, the gentleman that came with the meds. I hope I got all your names. You are truly all angels.

October 2022

  • Thank you for all the help taking care of her these past months, as things are getting worse I realize how much your help really means! We appreciate you very much!

  • Dear Friends, Thank you for the beautiful plant in his memory. Your kindness during his illness and passing is much appreciated. I imagine your office is as quiet as our home is. We all miss him so much.

  • Dear Staff, I am so grateful for all the in home care I received after my total knee replacement. I worried there would be no help to aid in my recovery. My husband and I had no one to help, but you were there. I will tell everyone to choose the angel!

  • Dear Jennie, Recently a very surprising surgery introduced me to U.P. Home Health & Hospice and some of your staff. After ten days in the hospital, lots of weight loss, high anxiety and wearing an ostomy bag I returned home. Feeling somewhat helpless, down in the dumps and very anxious I received a call from your staff. The first meeting was very informative and the gentleman was very professional. Soon thereafter Sarah arrived and introduced herself as the R.N. that would be my weekly caregiver. It is with gratitude I can say how beneficial that was for me. Your company is fortunate to have Sarah on your staff. From the very start her professionalism attitude and compassion made a difficult time much easier than I had feared. I cannot thank her enough for steering me on the road to recovery. Often enough it is my experience to criticize instead of compliment. Thank you to your staff for the after hour questions that were always answered. And a very special thank you to Sarah.

  • Thank you for your assistance in the care of my loved one.

  • Dear Friends at U.P. Home Health & Hospice, Thank you so much for the lovely flowers and your support of our new practice. We couldn’t have done this without all of the encouragement from businesses like yours. We look forward to working closely with you in the years ahead. Thanks again,

  • Kori & Friends with UPHH&H, Thank you for the wish list items and the ‘We Honor Vets’ initiative. We will put every item to good use. I even handed off a pack of batteries the moment I walked in the door. Great timing! Thank you for your support—and your good, very important work. Sarah Johnson, Volunteer Coordinator. Michigan Veteran Homes D.J. Jacobetti.

  • Dear Deb, The Great Lakes Scuba Diving & Lake Preservation Club would like to thank all of our friends at U.P. Home Health & Hospice for your generosity. Your donation to oursilent action was well received and helped us to exceed our goal for this fundraiser. It is only through the cooperation and contributions of caring people like you that we are able to complete the mission of cleaning up the underwater environment. Thank you again for your donation to GLSD & LP. Sincerely, Don, President, Great Lakes Scuba Diving and Lake Preservation

September 2022

  • Dear Staff, Words fail to express our gratitude. You helped our daughter take her final journey with as much comfort as possible. The support and compassionate care given to our family was exemplary. We especially thank nurse Sarah who brought many joy filled moments along with her outstanding care. The Peace Lily plant reminds us that life goes on and to love another person is the greatest gift we can share.
  • Dorothy, Liz, Dr.Grossman and rest of hospice team. There is no gift I could ever give you to show how grateful I am to each of you. It’s been a long journey. I’m so happy you had a chance to get to know him when he was still healthy. He’s probably one of the most stubborn patients you’ve had, but he really was in control of his own death, & life! You guys are so amazing, and I’ll always be grateful to you. His passing was peaceful & beautiful, his style fashion “perfect”. If there’s anything I can ever do to help, please reach out. I learned a lot during this last year, maybe things I can share to help others.
  • Thank you so much for the wonderful care you gave to my mom. Janet you were always so caring, compassionate and loving. You talked to mom so sweet and made sure she was comfortable. Marie, Sara and Cheryl always did a fantastic job with moms hygiene. I appreciated the work so much. Mom had a beautiful service. Thanks also for the beautiful plant you sent.
  • Your kindness and sympathy at this time are more deeply appreciated than any words of thanks can ever express. Thank you for the beautiful plant. What a nice surprise. Dear U.P. Hospice, Thank you for the care of our mother these past months so very much. Also for the Peace Lily sent to the funeral.
  • Thank you for the beautiful plant. Thank you for the care you provided to my mom during the last days of her life. Paula, I want to thank you so much for being ‘there’ for me and our family. And of course her. You made yourself available whenever we needed you and helped with our decision making. It was a difficult time and you helped make it easier!
    Cindy, I cannot say enough about how much we appreciated and enjoyed every contact we had with your tremendous hospice staff. You got us into services less than 24 hours after we talked and what a range of services you provided, weekly nurse visits, emergency nurse visits, social workers, health aides for bathing and dressing, respite volunteers, Dr.Kroll home visits, hair salon service and pedicure service, all provided in the home. The staff we were most involved with and so greatly appreciated were our primary nurse Janet, her back up nurse Elyssa, our aides Marie and Sara and our social workers Elizabeth and Elissa. These people were so caring and positive in every contact. Marie and Sara treated her like a beloved grandmother. Our contact with on call nurses was always a very positive experience. Words cannot express my appreciation. One contact that I will never forget is an afterhours call I made over my concern about her sleeping a lot and not able to wake her and wondering if I should be doing something—the nurse asked me two questions, is she safe and comfortable. I said yes to both and she said that it all you can do. I felt so much better.
    Your Clinical Manager Elyssa succinctly described her as tough, sweet and funny. Cindy, you and your staff are truly angels.
  • Elizabeth, Dorothy, Sarah, Elyssa, Thank you for the amazing care you provided us in a difficult time. You are all angels.
  • Dear U.P. Home Health & Hospice, Our sincere thanks to you all for the aid, comfort and care given to my sister, while at home in Skandia and also Brookridge Heights in Marquette. Also, thank you for all the guidance and support given to our family during a very difficult time. Please use these funds towards your Make a Memory Program to help others, in her memory. Your team is excellent and greatly appreciated.
  • U.P. Home Health & Hospice, Thank you for sponsoring the NMU Dance Team and for your generous donation! It is greatly appreciated! The NMU Dance Team.
    U.P. Home Health & Hospice, I wanted to drop a quick note to tell you how amazing your staff was with our family when my uncle passed away. There are no words for the work they do. Thank you for having such amazing employees.
  • Teal Lake Senior Living Community thanks you for the pizza today!! We all very much appreciated it!!! And we thank you for your hard work as well!

August 2022

  • Dear Friends, Greetings from Bay Cliff! As I wrote this letter, I heard the laughter of children. I could see smiling, sweaty kids learn how to be “Jedi Masters” outside my office window, while others pedaled adaptive bikes as their therapists ran alongside. And as I looked towards Unit !!!!, 6 and 7 year-old boys buried each other in their new sandbox. Even thought things look and feel a bit different this year, the sights and sounds of summer are upon us! Bay Cliff is back!  For months, everyone at Bay Cliff was busy preparing for Summer Therapy Camp and the arrival of our summer staff and campers. Thanks to your generous gift of $300 we will continue to ensure the future of Bay Cliff! Your contribution guarantees that we will carry on our long-standing camp tradition of providing life-changing therapy for our campers! You have mad an investment in our future- now. Thank you.  Bay Cliff has weathered many challenges during the past 88 years. We are resilient. We are determined. We are protecting our mission in a time of unprecedented change. Our children always model what it means to persevere, overcome barriers and navigate obstacles-to succeed during times of uncertainty. Together we will follow their thread. Thank you for joining with us.  With gratitude from Bay Cliff,  Dr. Clare Lutgen, Executive Director
  • Dear UPHH&H, On behalf of our Board of Directors, Staff and certainly our residents here at the Trillium House, we want to thank your organization’s recent contribution of $1,000 to assist us with reopening. As you know, your kind contribution enables the Trillium House to continue its mission here in Marquette to give the best possible care and comfort to the individuals we are committed to serving. We are truly grateful for supporters like UP Home Health & Hospice. We look forward to continuing our partnering relationship as we step ahead into a bright future of serving the members of our community. Gratefully, Rick Sanville, Executive Director, Trillium House.
  • We are forever grateful for your support: time, flowers, food, gifts, money, shared memories, and heartfelt words. You have lifted our souls at one of the darkest times of our lives and have inspired us to continue to seek the beauty in all aspects of life as we move forward. Donations have been directed towards Music For All Kids, a program that she felt passionate about and allowed her to share her love of music with those in need. Thank You and God Bless!

July 2022

  • Dear UP Home Health & Hospice, Thank you for your donation to the LSCP Annual Dinner. We are so grateful for your continued support of economic development in Marquette County. It is because of our generous partners like you that we can assist businesses of all sizes, sectors, and stages. Our next fundraiser will be the 22nd Annual Golf Outing taking place June 16. More information can be found on We hope to see you there! Thank you again, The LSCP Team.

  • All Staff Members, Thank you so much for all your encouragement & support as well as the beautiful plant.

  • Dear Friend, I can’t thank you enough for supporting The Salvation Army with your recent donation of $200.00. Lost and hurting people are coming to us in great numbers—more than we’ve seen before. Every day, we see folks trying to navigate the heartbreak of a job loss, or families struggling to overcome a crisis. It’s tough, but friends like you make it possible to carry on. Your generosity allows us to make a positive impact in people’s lives, and we are deeply committed to using every penny of your contribution to its fullest—offering life-changing support and service to those in need. Thank you for making the decision to help our less fortunate neighbors! Sincerely, Your Local Salvation Army.
    P.S. Thank you for opening your heart to our community. Your generosity is making a difference in the lives of those who come to us each day.

  • Your kind expression of sympathy is deeply appreciated and gratefully acknowledged. Thank you for taking such good care of my father.

  • Thank you for your kindness and sympathy at a time when it was deeply appreciated. Carry on the good work!

  • Due to your generous donation, Project Graduation is able to provide the 2022 Senior Class with a fun and safe all-night celebration honoring all of their hard work. Without your support, this event would not be possible. With gratitude, The Project Graduation Committee. Marquette Senior High School.

  • Thank you for your care and kindness for our friend.

  • To the Staff at Home Health & Hospice– Thank you all so much for your help with my mom. Thank you for the plant as well. Your staff was so kind and very helpful with everything that we needed. You guys ROCK 🙂 Thank you again.

  • Thank you for your generous donation to Negaunee High School Project Graduation, providing a safe celebration for the Class of 2022.

  • Thank you for your donation/contribution to the Ishpeming High School Class of 2022 all night graduation party! The tremendous support from the community is overwhelming and truly appreciated. Sincerely, The IHS All Night Grad Party Committee.

  • Leigh & Friends with UP Home Health & Hospice, Thank you so much for the batteries. We go through them like crazy, so this donation is very appreciated. Thank you for keeping our Veterans going for fun, for family connections and more! With gratitude, Sarah Johnson, Volunteer Coordinator. Michigan Veteran homes D.J. Jacobetti.

  • Thank you to all staff, nurses and angels that took the best possible care of my husband and his children’s father, and his grandchildren’s grandfather. We all clearly loved him and our hearts are broken. Thank you for easing his pain and into heaven. Thank you for the lovely plant.

  • THANK YOU from Westwood’s Business Professionals of America. We extend a very warm thank you for your generous donation, which allowed students from our BPA chapter to attend and compete at the National Leadership Conference in Dallas, Texas, along with over 6,000 other delegates from across the country. Your support is greatly appreciated!

  • Dear U.P. Home Health & Hospice,

    We hope this message finds you well in this great year of celebration! This year, Girl Scouts nationwide celebrated 110 years of building girls of courage, confidence, and character. Girl Scouts have been a force for positive change in our world, shattering glass ceilings wherever they go! Through the support of generous donors like you, girls in Girl Scouts continue to benefit from abundant opportunities to learn, grow, and excel. We gratefully accept your recent gift of $200.00 on 5/06/2022. Thank you for helping to ensure another 110 years of problem solvers, go-getters, dreamers, and doers with your gift to Girl Scouts.  With gratitude, Katy Corey, Chief Development Officer

  • To our friends at U.P. Home Health & Hospice,

    You know the challenges that we face in Marquette County. People of all ages and backgrounds are struggling to reach their full potential. More and more children face seemingly insurmountable learning gaps.  Families find it difficult to spend quality time together. Playing outside has become a rarity. Face time happens through a phone. Instead of seeing the income gap shrink, it at seems all we do is watch it grow. But where society falls short, the Y- and donors like you- step in. Together we make a difference in the lives of thousands of people and a huge impact of each individual we serve.

    After twenty years of serving Marquette County, the Y understand what our community needs to be its best. Working with generous donors like you, the Y provides everyone the opportunity to be healthy and thrive, to connect with others, and contribute to a better community. Everything the Y does in service of making us – as individuals and a community – better.

    On behalf of the Board of Directors of Marquette County I would like to sincerely thank you for your continued support.  Your $200 hole sponsorship for our upcoming golf outing which also supports our Annual Campaign, really does make all the difference. Thank you for making a difference in our community through the Annual Campaign. Sincerely, Jenna Zdunek, Chief Executive Officer

  • Dear Kori, On behalf of West End Suicide Prevention (WESP), I would like to thank you for your June 15, 2022 sponsorship of $200.00 for the 2022 LIVE Art & Word Contest. The LIVE Art & Word Contest is a contest open to all high school students in the Upper Peninsula. Students may submit any type of art form from poetry to a painting to dance to photography, or any other art form. The theme is Mental Health Awareness. It is the hope that these works of art will bring awareness to mental health issues and help break the stigma surrounding it.  All of the artwork will be shared on social media, where the community can vote for their favorite pieced. The artwork will also be judged by an expert panel for its artistic quality and WESP for its mental health statement.

    The LIVE Art & Word Contest is coordinated by West End Suicide Prevention (WESP), a group of individuals facilitated by Great Lakes Recovery Centers. The coalition began as a group of individuals dedicated to prevention suicide on the west end of Marquette County. The group has since expanded and due to popular demand, has brought their LIVE campaign to the entire UP. The LIVE Campaign encourages individuals to LOVE (yourself), INCLUDE (others), VALUE (life), and ENGAGE (community.) WESP also promotes, coordinates, and takes part in educational and awareness events, as well as distributes LIVE and Dial Help materials.

    Thank you again for your generous donation. The LIVE Art & Word Contest will help to break the stigma surrounding mental health as well as showcase the work of talented UP High School students. Thank you for your part in making it a successful event! Sincerely, Amy Poirier, WESP Facilitator & GLRC Foundation Coordinator

June 2022

  • To the Staff, No words can express our gratitude for the compassion and care provided by all of you as our beloved Wife, Mother and Grandmother lived out the final days of a long, happy life. Her wish was to be at home when her time came, and because of you, we were able to honor that wish. She passed away very peacefully with her husband, son, and daughter by her side. Thank you.
  • Jennie, Elizabeth, and Leon, Thank you for the thank you! It is much appreciated. The popcorn and hot chocolate are ingested. The blanket covers our davenport/couch and looks fabulous. Sincerely, - Volunteer.
  • Dear UPHH&H, We are happy to share that a donation was made in your name by Brookridge Heights. They have chosen the following thank-you item for you: Virtual Adoption of one Snow Leopard. World Wildlife Fund works to conserve nature and reduce the most pressing threats to the diversity of life on Earth. We use nature-based solutions to protect, restore, and sustainably manage ecosystems in ways that increase their resiliency, while safeguarding wildlife—such as tigers, elephants, and whales—and ensuring communities and nature thrive together. And we are tackling challenges to create a climate-resilient world and reduce the environmental impacts of growing and producing food. Thanks to generous gifts like those of Brookridge Heights, WWF is making strides to conserve and restore coral reefs, preserve grasslands, sustainably manage forests, and protect life on our planet. Together we are building a brighter future for vulnerable places, species, and communities.
  • Shelter Friends, The Upper Peninsula Animal Welfare Shelter would like to thank you for your gift of $200.00. We appreciate your generous help and support. Your gift will enable us to provide for those animals entrusted to our care.
  • Thanks so much for the care you provided to all of us during this journey—we are truly grateful. Thank you for helping us celebrate the life of our Wife, Mother, Grandmother and Great Grandmother. Her smile will always be with us!

May 2022

  • Thank you for the beautiful plant and the kind words of sympathy. I will forever be grateful for the loving care you provided my mother.
  • Thank you for your thoughts, prayers, and kindness during this difficult time. It means so much that you thought of us and remembered her. She will forever be in our hearts.
  • To the wonderful people at UP Home Health & Hospice, I would like to thank you for the wonderful, compassionate care and therapy I received from your employees. Nurse Janet, and therapist, Kirstin. Both Janet and Kirstin were wonderful! Janet was so pleasant & so willing to help with anything at home that I needed. Kristin was fantastic and it was Kristin who gave me confidence that I could do this. I love the confidence and encouragement Kirstin gave me! I will now be receiving therapy at Active Physical Therapy. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! God Bless you all!
  • So many awesome, caring people working there!
  • Dear U.P. Home Health & Hospice, Thank you so very much for your donation of $300 to our 2022 Summer Reading Programs: Oceans of Possibilities! We rely heavily on donations to be able to offer fun, construction programs to our community. Without you it wouldn’t be possible! This year we look forward to meeting in person, whether that ends up being inside or outside, while also offering exciting challenges, collaborative goals, and engaging activities. Our reading challenge, Beanstack, makes it easy to track time spent while earning digital badges to celebrate wins! With programs for all ages, infants to adults, we look forward to interacting with the entire Ishpeming community. Our program will run from June 14 through July 31: visit our website or social media platforms for program details as we get closer to summer. Thank you for making it possible for us to continue to encourage literacy in our community. It is very much appreciated. – Jessica Shirtz, Library Director
  • Dear U.P. Home Health & Hospice, On behalf of the West End Suicide Prevention (WESP), we would like to thank you for your donation of a gift basket filled with fun summertime toys on March 17, 2022, as a door prize for the Beating the Winter Blues Health Fair on March 20, 2022.  Beating the Winter Blues is a unique health fair on the west end of Marquette County. The fair is free and open to everyone. In addition to agencies sharing information about the services they offer, there will also be health screenings, a prescription drug take back box, blender bikes and much more. Beating the Winter Blues is coordinated by West End Suicide Prevention (WESP), a group of dedicated individals facilitated by Great Lakes Recovery Centerys who are working towards preventing suicide on the west end of Marquette Count. WESP developed the LIVE campaign, a positive mental health campaign that encourages you to LOVE (yourself), INCLUDE (others), VALUE (life), ENGAGE (community). WESP promotes, coordinates and takes part in educational and awareness events in the community, as well as distributes Dial Help materials to the local area.  

April 2022

  • Staff at U.P. Home Health & Hospice, Thank you for your card on my husband’s birthday. It meant the world to me and our 3 children.
  • Dear Negaunee Irontown, 2022, Pioneer Days Sponsor, Thank you for your recent sponsorship to the Negaunee Irontown Associations 2022 Pioneer Days. The board greatly appreciates your donation and would like you to know that we could not support activities and festivals in Negaunee without assistance from individuals such as yourself. Thank you again! Negaunee Irontown Board.
  • To the entire staff of the U.P. Home Health & Hospice Marquette, Thank you from the bottom of our heart for your loving care of our sweet Wife, Mother and Grandma. You made the end of her life a very comfortable transition and we appreciate you all, Dorothy, Marie, Morgan and Amelia. Thank you all so much. Thank you for the funeral flowers also!
  • To all of the wonderful staff at U.P. Home Health & Hospice, On behalf of the family, words cannot express our thanks to all of you for the kindness and compassion you showed not only to our father/husband, but to all of our family during this difficult time. The Veterans Ceremony that Elizabeth presided over was absolutely beautiful and meant so much to all of us. Also the Peace Lily and Angel Pin were another beautiful tribute. We will be forever thankful and grateful for the angels at U.P Home Health & Hospice.
  • Thank you so much for the wonderful care mom received from every one of your blue angels! Special thanks to Courtney, Cheryl and Paula.
  • Dear U.P. Home Health & Hospice, Thank you for your generous contribution of $500.00 in support of Camp STAR and its programming. We know you appreciate the impact of loss on a family, and on children in particular. In place of camp for the past two summers, we have continued our year-round, monthly Wonder Box program as a way of reaching families. While we’ve had great success with these alternative activities, we are excited to be planning our traditional camp in 2022. We appreciate your support of our efforts to reach the children in our community in need of grief support. Sincerely, STAR Children’s Bereavement Services Board.
  • During a time like this we realize how much our friends and relatives really mean to us. Your expression of sympathy will always be remembered.
  • U.P. Home Health & Hospice Family, Thank you so much for the beautiful Peace Lily in honor of our mother. Your thoughtfulness means a lot. She loved her many years employed with the company.
  • Your kindness will be treasured forever. God Bless.
  • Thank you for helping our during this difficult time. Your services were greatly appreciated.
  • A special word of appreciation to my husband’s nurse, Amelia, for her compassionate, professional care and kindness.

March 2022

  • U.P. Home Health and Hospice, thank you sincerely for sharing our sorrow. Your kindness is deeply appreciated and will always be remembered.
  • Thank you very much to each and every one of you for all your help and support during our time that seemed to have changed so quickly. Forever appreciated to you all!
  • I would like to thank each and every one of you, that shared her or his time making my mother’s life, at home as comfortable as we possibly could, and by monitoring her vitals, adjusting her meds, making sure she was in no pain, and also just talking to her about everyday life. We have met many wonderful aides and nurses from Home Health and Hospice, I would not like to omit someone if I tried to name all of you. You are all very special and I will never forget what you accomplished over many years. Once again, I thank you, be safe, and take care.
  • Dear UPHHH Team, Thank you so much for your support during my loved one's final months! It has meant a great deal to her family!
  • During a time like this we realize how much our friends really mean to us. Your expression of sympathy will always be remembered.
  • Jennie and UPHH&H Team, thank you so much for the beautiful bouquet of flowers in remembrance of my mother, your thoughtfulness was greatly appreciated during a very difficult time. Thank you again.
  • UP Home Health & Hospice, The Peace Lily sent to the funeral was beautiful. Her only surviving sister took it home to remember her by. A special thanks to Chelsea for all she did to help us in preparing for her death and also Courtney for her help.
  • I’d like to say—Thank you!! So very much for all you guys do, you have made a terrible situation easier to handle. Thank you for being eyes and ears for people who need it! A special thank you to Chelsea and Morgan. You made things so much easier for me and my mom.
  • Chelsea, Cameron, Morgan. Thank you so very much for the caring attitudes you all had for my husband. He felt like a friend was visiting each time you came. You all helped him and myself. Again, THANK YOU!!
  • Our family extends a heartfelt thank you to nurse, Paula and social worker Courtney from U.P. Home Health & Hospice. Their commitment to their work was inspiring and their presence gave comfort to all during her remaining weeks.
  • MSHS Project Graduation 2022 thanks U.P. Home Health & Hospice.  We couldn’t do what we do without these generous sponsors.

February 2022

  • Dear UPHHH and Private Duty Staff, Thank you for the yummy box of candy. We appreciate it. And thank you very much for servicing our clients. We couldn’t do it without you. Have a blessed 2022. UPCAP Staff, Marquette.
  • Thank you for the Memorial Trees of Remembrance Ceremony and the remembrance angel ornament. I appreciate your help and continued contact.
  • U.P. Home Health & Hospice team, thank you for the wonderful care you gave my husband. Elyssa, Morgan, Chelsea (who we saw the most and felt you were outstanding), Amelia, Janet, and the nurse who helped after his death (I am sorry I cannot remember your name, but having you there was a great help and comfort). All of you were friendly and supportive. Also, thank you for the Poinsettia at Christmas and the plant sent in his memory. The angel pin will be a helpful reminder of your kindness.
  • Dear Janet, we want you to know how much we appreciate all you do to help keep our Dad/Grandpa healthy, so he can continue to be at home. He speaks very highly of you! Happy Holidays!
  • Dear Friends at Home Health & Hospice, thank you so much for the beautiful floral arrangement that you had sent to the Celebration of Life Service. She loved flowers and I know that she appreciated all of them and their beauty. I cannot say thank you enough for the outstanding job that you all did with her. You took her from constant pain and confusion to almost no pain and pretty much clarity. You made the last weeks of her life so comfortable. You are truly angels. It was so kind of you to think of her and send these flowers. Thank you for everything.
  • Dear Cindy, once again you have blessed me with such a beautiful gift basket—such a lovely variety of food. I am always humbled by your generosity to me. It is really my privilege to be serving alongside of such dedicated people. You and all in HH&H are remembered each day in my prayers.
  • Dear UP Home Health & Hospice, thank you for the beautiful arrangement of Lilies and Red Roses you sent to the Celebration of Life event. Your thoughtfulness and kindness were truly appreciated.
  • UP Home Health & Hospice, thank you for your donation to The Education Foundation for Marquette Public Schools 1st to Finish CSA (Children’s Savings Account) Fund. The fund will allow the foundation the ability to fund savings account for all first graders in Marquette Public Schools.
  • Dear U.P. Home Health & Hospice, The Aspen Ridge Middle School Robotics team, the Robotics Strong ARMS 16032, would like to thank you for your generous donation to your program and our journey to the State Championship December 17-18th. Your donation helped our team tremendously. Generous donors like you help our team to continue to learn and grow in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and math. Your donation allows our team to learn with a hands-on approach as we design, prototype, build and program our robots to complete the challenges presented to use by FIRST in a friendly competition on and off the competition field. Our program continues to grow in knowledge and experience as this was our second time with an invitation to the State Championship. We were one of 72 Michigan teams that had the privilege to compete in Battle Creek, and one of 6 from the Upper Peninsula.  Our team represented the UP well brought a trophy back home to Aspen Ridge! – Robotics Strong A.R.M.S. lead coach.
  • Dear U.P. Home Health & Hospice, on behalf of the West End Suicide Prevention (WESP), I would like to thank you for your donation for the Beating the Winter Blues Health Fair.  Beating the Winter Blues is a unique health fair held on the west end of Marquette County. The fair will be free and open to everyone. In addition to information from various agencies, there will also be a Prescription Drug Take Back Box, Blender Bikes, health screenings and games. In addition, people can vote for their favorite snowman in the 2022 LIVE Snowman Building Contest and will have the opportunity to win one of many door prizes.  Beating the Winter Blues is being coordinated by the West End Suicide Prevention (WESP), a group of dedicated individuals facilitated by the Great Lakes Recovery Centers, Inc. WESP developed the LIVE campaign, a positive mental health campaign encouraging people of all ages to LOVE (yourself), INCLUDE (others), VALUE (life), and ENGAGE (community). WESP promotes, coordinates, and takes part in educational awareness events in the community, as well as distributes LIVE and suicide prevention materials, including information from Dial Help, the area’s 24/7 crisis line. WESP also works to reduce the stigma surrounding mental health and suicide by opening conversations through social media and throughout the community. Thank you again for your generous donation. Beating the Winter Blues and the other work done by WESP is made possible by the generous support of our community.

January 2022

  • Paula and Staff, Thanks for the kind words and the card. Thinking of you all.
  • Chelsea, thank you for the opportunity to ride along with you this semester. You are an amazing nurse, and I am fortunate to have been able to learn from you! It was great to see home health care firsthand and how much it is able to improve lives. Big Thanks!
  • U.P. Home Health & Hospice—Blue Angels, thank you so much for making our Thanksgiving so special. The meal from Bucks was absolutely delicious.
  • Merry Christmas & Happy New Year! Thank you for all that you do for us and so many others. We’d be nothing without you. Hugs to all!!
  • I can’t say enough about your staff. Nurses were awesome. But Cameron and Jordan from PT saved my husband. They were wonderful with him. He’s 79 and had some muscle spasms and Cam and Jordan were all over it. Thank you all so so much. You’re awesome.
  • I remembered having to call them in the middle of the night as well as Thanksgiving Day. I just can’t tell you how sweet and kind they all were. And they were so good with my 79 year old husband who was really scared. Thank you all from who answers the phone, we are so grateful for y’all.
  • U.P. Home Health & Hospice (All the many angels) - Thank you for all of your special care and the Spathiphyllum plant! My family and I are grateful for your generous support during this difficult time.
  • Thank you for the wonderful care. You guys have great staff. Hope the holidays are great.
  • We can’t thank you enough for the wonderful care we have received during his illness. Paula, Cheryl & Courtney were our primary team, and they are all fantastic at what they do. We were blessed by such a wonderful team! Also—Janelle, Cameron and the Rehab Staff.
  • What a comfort it is to our family to have people like you, who bring warmth to our hearts in our time of sorrow. Thank you for the beautiful plant at the funeral. Your act of kindness was very touching.
  • Thank you for the plant sent in memory and honor of our loved one.
  • U.P. Home Health & Hospice, I want to thank you all so much for your Memorial Service on December 8th for our loved ones. It was very special along with the angels on the tree. You sent me 3 more for our children. You are all special and thank you for what you are doing. A Happy Holiday to you all.
  • U.P. Home Health & Hospice, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the care that was provided for both our Father and Mother. We lost both of them this past year and the service that was provided made the passing a little easier. Paula was the nurse that provided the care that was needed and our family can’t thank her enough for all that she did. Not only did she care for our Father and Mother, but also showed concern for the rest of the family. Thanks again for making this difficult time a bit easier for our family. Merry Christmas to all.
  • Thank you for the care you gave our loved one over the last several years. Special thanks to Chelsea and Elizabeth.
  • Happy Holidays to each and every one of you. And thank you so much for the beautiful angel. God Bless you all.
  • I want to personally thank you for your support of The Salvation Army and the people we serve. Merry Christmas and God Bless you.