The things that are most important to us can be the people (or pets) in our lives, special items, experiences or faith. For people in our hospice program at U.P. Home Health & Hospice, the things that can promote the best sense of peace and enjoyment are what we hope to provide. Rosemary’s story demonstrates just that, and it also shows how wonderful our community really is.

Rosemary recently needed to move from her home into an assisted living facility after developing a condition that made staying at home no longer possible, and subsequently enrolled in hospice. Her biggest anxiety in moving was leaving her rose garden behind. Rosemary and her late husband had spent 15 years together creating and tending this garden that produced beautiful flowers, particularly roses. This garden was their pride and joy. After his passing she felt that this garden was something that reflected their love, and the beauty of the roses was a constant reminder of the happy life they led together. Although there is a small rose garden at her new home, she very much missed the garden that she and her husband created and enjoyed. During a visit with hospice staff, she had indicated that she would have liked to have a painting that represented the garden that she could view and reflect upon. She didn’t want a photograph, a painting is less literal and art can help provoke feelings more than photographs for her. Several watercolor painters were discussed, and JoAnn Shelby was approached to create an image of the garden for her. Agreeing to take on the commission, which she did at much less of a charge than she would have normally done, the painting was created and matted. Mark Hamari of Marquette Wallpaper & Paint had agreed to do the framing at cost or less, and upon receipt of the painting provided the custom framing as a donation.

Immediately following the completion of the framing, Rosemary received the painting and it now hangs on her wall where she can gaze upon at any time. Hospice is about living life to its fullest, physically, mentally and spiritually. With this gift from the U.P. Hospice Foundation and members of our community, Rosemary is able reflect upon her life with her husband – including all the happy memories they had of the garden and of the life that they built together.

Garden Art