Our Living Philosophy

When you choose U.P. Home Health & Hospice, you are choosing to continue living in the place that you call home. You are choosing to surround yourself with the people, the scenery, and all the treasured memories that mean the most to you, the view from your front window, the smell of coffee brewing in the kitchen, the blanket knit just for you by your favorite cousin. You’re surrounding yourself with the rhythms of home that bring healing and comfort. You’re focusing on your life and the many ways it’s woven into the rich fabric of family and friends. This is our Living Philosophy - to support and empower you in continuing to live your life the way you want.

You are choosing PEP

When you invite our team in to your home, you see our Living Philosophy in the distinct way we view every facet of your health: physical, emotional, psychological, financial and spiritual.

  • Our nurses work closely with your physician to manage daily care, evaluate your symptoms and report significant changes. They manage medication, alert you to important changes, and teach family members how to ensure your comfort and reduce pain.
  • Our therapists teach exercises and techniques to maximize your level of independence in the home. They design exercises and offer techniques to strengthen tired muscles, to increase mobility, or to enhance communication.
  • Medical social workers help you and your family prepare for the many changes a long-term illness brings, from concerns about financial or legal matters to unexpressed feelings that have taken on new urgency.
  • Home care aides and dedicated/trained volunteers assist with all the daily routines that keep you clean and comfortable, from bathing and shampoos to a quiet walk or a time of conversation. They may run errands or help with the shopping and meal preparation.
  • Chaplains and dedicated/trained volunteers are available as you explore the profound questions that come with long-term illness. They will never force a particular belief or viewpoint on you or your family. Rather, they are people with a gift for careful listening. No feeling is too big, no fear too deep, no joy too small to celebrate. Our living philosophy insists that your daily concerns and your hope for the future are important and deserve our close attention.

Individuals and Families in the care of U.P. Home Health & Hospice are offered the Make-a-Memory program, which is one of our special ways to go above and beyond and provide truly remarkable and unexpected services. Click here to learn more.

With U.P. Home Health & Hospice, every time that we enter your home you remain so much more than someone sick or broken that needs to be fixed. Yours is a life – whole and cherished. A life with power to make a difference some way, every day. A life that matters.