An Obama Fan Gets Her Wish!

Another Family in Hospice Care Gets One of Their Dreams to Come True.

She followed Obama right from the start and was an adamant supporter right up to his election. When she found out he was coming to Marquette it seemed almost impossible to believe at first! We knew how politically engaged she was. It was almost the only thing she talked about during those first months of Obama's presidency. Our Make-a-Memory team went into action immediately with the news of his imminent arrival. We called various community groups to advocate for a pair of tickets. At first it looked as if the tickets would just be too tough to find. We called the White House directly and explained our story. They too said they would try but the protocol for ticket dispersal was very formal and decided before the President's arrival was ever announced.

We didn't give up so easily. We kept calling back and following up and checking if there was anything else we could do. Tenacity won the day! Our political fan and her daughter were not only able to attend the event but they were less than 100 feet from the President. She hung on every word throughout the President's speech. She later stated "This is one of the best days of my life..."